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Tokuzo Takahashi

Tokuzo Takahashi photo Tokuzo Takahashi
  • White and Red - 6th Degree

Head Instructor and Dojo Manager

On July 1, 2008, Tokuzo Takahashi was dispatched to the Los Angeles Tenri Dojo by Tenri Judo Association. He is a graduate of Tenri High School and Tenri University. Prior to assuming his post at Tenri Dojo, he was a member of the Nippon Steel Judo Team. While at Nippon Steel, he was selected as a Senior Level National Team trainee. He took part in the national team training camps and represented Japan in international competitions. Also, he was a winning member of the Nippon Steel Team when it won the All Japan Corporate Team Championships in 2000. His superb judo skills have been demonstrated in his competition records in the U.S. He is an eight-time champion in the open division at the U.S. Senior Nationals and a two-time World Champion in the IJF Veterans Championship.